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Royal Navy Bedford Oyd with 20mm AA

After a break of two years I have had some time to finish this rare object. It's about a Bedford Oyd with a 20mm Oerlikon AA gun of Royal Navy Homeland Defense.
It's a resin kit from Accurate Armour and although some parts are crooked it is a good kit and it's not a every day model. Unfortunately the left door was lost during the movement into our house. Despite intensive search ... the door remained disappeared. Well, to compensate this I have cut of a sheet of brass wire mesh and prepared a replacement-door. Maybe the original one might be lost during some action.
The front axle I have changed, the tailgate was mounted in open position to be able to see the crew operating the 20mm gun. The crew I have sculptured myself using some wire and Aves putty. The heads came from Hornet range. Less words, more pics; hope you like it.

A 'Making of' to this rare object you can check out in the belonging WebLog.
More Information on sculpting these figures you will find here.


Bedford Oyd
Bedford Oyd

Bedford Oyd Bedford Oyd
Bedford Oyd
Bedford Oyd
Bedford Oyd

Bedford Oyd
Bedford Oyd
Bedford OydBedford OydBedford Oyd

Bedford Oyd

It has been published in AFV Modeller, Issue 60 2011 and Modellfan, issue 06 2011.

AFV Modeller

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